Career Management

Whether you want to advance in your current position or make a change, the Executive LL.M. in Global Business Law will help you reach your goals. A Columbia education is more than just the degree.  We are committed to your professional growth through a dedicated Career Adviser, programming that will introduce you to industry experts and provide tools and training on becoming the leader and manager you aspire to be, and access to Columbia Law School’s job database.  

Columbia Executive LLM students by Low

Individualized Support

As an Executive LL.M. student, you have the benefit of a dedicated Career Adviser working with you individually.  At the start of the program we will ask you to identify short and long term goals that your Career Adviser will use to develop counseling strategy. Your Career Adviser will work with you during the remote portions of the program as well as the in-person Residency.

Dynamic Career Programming

Drawing on the depth of Columbia Law School’s connections, we are fortunate to be able to bring experts and industry leaders to the campus during the Residency to explore the following topics:

  • Building meaning professional relationships

  • Presenting yourself in writing

  • Presenting yourself in person

  • Developing professional value, which includes leadership and management topics, cultural competency in the business world, and business plan design  

Columbia Law School Job Database

Job postings for Columbia Law School graduates are available exclusively to students and alumni on our online database, Symplicity. Online job listings are updated daily.