Executive LL.M. Experience

The Executive LL.M. Experience

The Executive LL.M. in Global Business Law is defined by four key terms: Focus. Accelerate. Connect. Lead.  


International lawyers require a nuanced understanding of American law to navigate the most complex cross-border transactions. In the Executive LL.M. in Global Business Law program, you will learn directly from Columbia Law’s premiere Corporate Law faculty, giving you an expert foundation in U.S. business law while also advancing your understanding of how U.S. legal concepts compare to those from other jurisdictions and function within an international framework.


Designed for lawyers with professional experience, the Executive LL.M. program allows you to complete your degree in less than seven months and with minimal time spent away from home. This accelerated program combines three online courses with an intensive 12-week residency on Columbia Law School’s campus in New York City.


As an Executive LL.M. student, you will be part of an intimate cohort of high-achieving lawyers practicing in different parts of the world. You will have the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with your classmates who will provide you with different perspectives and approaches to common problems. You will also have the unique opportunity to study closely with our faculty and engage with our alumni in an effort to enrich your network.


More than a credential, the Columbia Executive LL.M. expands and deepens your already-established career, positioning you to advance even more quickly and make greater impact as a trusted counselor and strategist to your clients and colleagues.

The expertise and skills you gain in the Executive LL.M. program will enhance your professional value and position you for leadership across cultures, organizations, and boundaries.

Program Design

The Executive LL.M. is an accelerated program that has both online and in-residence components. Students must complete the 24 credit-curriculum, which is comprised of five (5) required courses and three (3) electives.

Program schedule

  • Two (2) required courses are taken online during the Spring Semester prior to the residency period. A final required course is taken online during the Fall Semester.
  • Four courses (1 required and 3 electives) as well as the required Colloquium are taken during the 12-week on-campus Summer Residency.
    • The Summer Residency consists of four three-week modules. In each of the modules, the first two weeks will be comprised of course instruction, with the third week reserved for study and assessment.

The online classes are hybrid courses, meaning the instruction and coursework will be comprised of both live online components and self-directed study.  During each course, students will be engaged with recorded lectures, live online lectures, discussion boards, readings, and other assignments.

*Find details on courses and a sample Summer Residency schedule here.

2020 Dates

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