Tuition and Fees

Standard Cost of Attendance 2019

*Estimated as of Fall 2018

Living Costs for the Summer Residency Period

*The estimated room expenses anticipate a budget for rent/utilities of $2,500/month for a single student.

Additional Charges

International Services Fee

$90 per term; $160 per academic year. This fee supports the University's services to international students (those holding a nonresident student visa). 

Administrative Processing Fee

$100 fee. This one-time fee is for international students for Columbia University's visa supervision.

Health Insurance

The 100 Plan:  $1,083 for the Summer Residency period (this plan is for students who opt to obtain comprehensive health insurance coverage instead of the basic health insurance coverage required for all enrolled students).

Living expenses provide for a moderate standard of living for the New York area during the 12-week Summer Residency. It is very important to plan carefully so that your funds will be sufficient for the entire Summer Residency. Individual budgets may vary based on your own personal preferences and spending habits. Students needing to finance their entire cost of education must keep in mind that they will be living on a fixed income, and must establish their spending priorities accordingly. If you choose to spend more in one area, you will need to reduce your expenses in other areas. It is recommended that you prepay your major non-discretionary expenses for the term, such as tuition, fees, rent, or set aside adequate funds in a separate account to cover these costs for the entire term.

Students may encounter some expenses that are not covered by the standard cost of attendance—for example, the purchase of a personal computer or unreimbursed costs for medical services that occur within the Summer Residency period.